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    11 July 2014

    [ADV] The Phantom Joker Escape


    Two weeks back, I was invited to attend a Phantom Joker Escape event. It was a Wednesday night so the ambience and everything was good for this room escape. I was looking forward to try it out too because I prefer this over computer or mobile room escapes which will probably lag and limit engagement.

    It's basically a real escape game located at the conservation house close to Outram Park. It opened on 21st January this year and is founded by a group of real escape game enthusiasts who aim to present their own inspiration and understanding of the real escape game after trying out numerous in Singapore and overseas. So basically, they did their fair share of research and are providing a greatly improvised version of the real escape games. (:

    I arrived at their lounge area to be greeted by a spacious setting. It's a decently decorated terrace that exudes a rather homely feel.


    Here's another part of the place:

    Image credits to The Phantom Joker Escape

    Looks comfy right? It's quite a photoshoot-worthy place actually.

    After a while, we were split into teams before venturing.

    The game masters came over to prepare us for the game by telling us the background story. It would have been more complete if I had played episode one of the game (it's quite a pity actually. I would do a proper blog post if they invite me over again heh). But anyway, it didn't mattered much because the games can be played independently. This means that you can start with episode two without feeling lost or compromised.

    So basically, I got to try Episode 02: Path B The Fallen Star in the Ancient Villa.

    I will not spoil the story for you because that will just dampen your experience. But I'll say that the interior design is really cool and I didn't expect it to be so spacious. Let's just say that I wasn't limited to just walking around looking for clues. I actually had to climb too!

    (cough cough big hint cough cough)

    Oh, and if you're afraid of the cold I would advise you to bring a jacket along. It was fine for me though cause I was moving quite a lot inside so I warmed up after a while heh.

    The game design tied in with a good story line. As for the props itself, they have a variety of high-tech machineries. There were actually things that were automated and I went like, "Huh... Whut?" when it really worked. I just really wasn't expecting that. It's quite difficult to explain this without revealing the gameplay and solution, so I guess you just have to try it out for yourself. To be honest I have no idea how all the hi-tech things work. Perhaps it's some alignment of magnetism? I've no idea. I just know that it wasn't plain old, boring locks as with other escape rooms.

    The missions had different challenges and I felt that it was quite mind boggling. It's those kind of mission that tests your wits and make you really confused. But the satisfaction after solving it was really... Let's just say that it's no joke. It's not only a game in which you escape from a room.

    The game masters themselves seemed to be well-trained and are willing to help us. Whenever we needed a clue, we would call for help via the walkie talkie and they would enter the room to aid us.

    Towards the end, we were running out of time but we were really close to completing the mission. It was really nice of them because they gave us additional gaming time to complete the game. This is super important because I really dislike the cliff-hanging feeling and I cannot walk out of the place without knowing how to solve the riddle! Really appreciated it.

    The Phantom Joker Escape is located at

    146 Neil Road,
    Singapore, 088875

    The pricing information are as follows:

    $22/pax (Mon-Fri, 1230pm-1800pm)
    $28/pax (Mon-Fri: 1800pm-2230pm, Sat,Sun,PH: 1100am-2230pm)

    They are also open for team building and corporate events. So if you wish to bond your team of colleagues, feel free to approach them! I guess this is a way cooler way of bonding that is sure to boost willingness and attendance. :D

    If you're keen to find out more or to book a slot, visit them here!

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