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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    28 June 2013

    Yun Nan Photo Diary 5

    Okay, so this post, the final post of the Yun Nan photo series, is going to be an onslaught of rocky photos. (Trying not to say that this will be a bumpy ride. Ahem.)

    So anyway, it's all repetitions of similar rocks in different patterns. Nothing much. It was sort-of-going-to-rain after a while so the photos all look a tad dark. Yes, I'm lazy to brighten them. :D

    I tried out a couple of cafes and restaurants and I'll be doing a review soon. Bye!

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