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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    21 May 2013

    Genting (27-29th April) and a brief update on my life

    First and foremost...


    We were not allowed to ride the horses (they should really make them unicorns) cause we were not children. :(

    I'm feeling old. Plus I'm teaching in a secondary school so I see vibrant and energetic young people everywhere while I slip into the mundane office life from morning till the afternoon. The ups are teaching and interaction with fellow teachers. The downs are all admin work admin work admin work.

    1. Scholarship
    Speaking of admin work, I'm done with the final interview for both Hitachi Asia and Nation Art Gallery, Singapore. I'm awaiting their calls or e-mails to see if I do get the scholarship, and whether or not I get to choose an organisation. I'm a little nervous cause I do want a scholarship. There will be a scholar's track to try out at different departments which I really really want because I don't want to settle without knowing what I like in a company. And they will pay for all my school fees so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


    2. Writing
    I'm currently writing a book, again. And I'm reading a lot, some of which are Murakami's books. I feel like reading The Magic Treehouse Series, a series that I like a lot in my Primary school days.Also, I'm hoping that my manuscript for a local cat book from Books Actually will be selected. (:

    3. Dance
    I'll be having a(n informal) hip hop lesson tomorrow as well. I hope it goes well and I pass the 'test' to join a dance crew. Trainings will be on every Sunday then, but nothing is confirmed yet. I'm quite nervous. D:

    4. Exercise
    And I'll be playing badminton and frisbee in an hour with SY near my place. She's probably still at the zoo now. And I'm thinking of exercising alone (key phrase: thinking of) I'm not too sure. But I should make use of June and July to do such things, right? Otherwise once university starts I'll give myself ample excuses and be an unhealthy and unfit girl. D:

    5. Food
    I'm also spending quite some money eating good food (if you are a friend on Facebook or Twitter, you'd know. I don't even take photos of every single meal.) At least I think that's quite a lot of money.

    6. Paint
    I bought this oil painting set. It's huge. Like an outstretched (female) arm kinda huge. There are numbers on patches of the painting so it's a paint-by-numbers kind of thing. Say, 1 is black, 2 is grey, 3 is white, 4 is maroon, so on and so forth. I'm crazy excited to start this in the June holidays! Hopefully the paint will be sufficient.

    7. Shopping
    It is quite unlike me to actually shop instead of window shop when clothes are expensive. My definition of expensive is like... $20? I think that will change once I enter university though. Just a gut feeling since I'll be needing blazers and all that.

    So anyway, I went to Tampines Mall (since Hitachi Asia is at Tampines) and used up all $100 CapitalMall vouchers. I won the vouchers from some online quiz by Nanyang Business School.

    Actually I cannot remember much of what I did. I am just enjoying being occupied and hanging out before university starts. It's the great U-word that everyone harps about. Stories of university being emotionally draining and tough ('Business school will mug until die one!') keeps ringing in my head somehow. I'm looking forward, I'm excited, although slightly nervous.

    Okay I'm rambling a lot. And I actually gave a sub-heading to each chunk of paragraph above. I think I'm on the road to being organised. :D

    Okay, on with the photos!

    Genting is not exactly a really special place so I couldn't be bothered to take pictures. We settled for the indoor theme park only. My parents came too. (:

    I did a '10 things I learnt in Yun Nan' post. Will put it up here soon!

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