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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    22 March 2013

    Yet another yummylicious update (minus the big toe)

    Icing Room cakes.

    I am not a fan of spongy cakes with cream. I am wholly fine with shortbread or chocolatey ones. There are heaps of fancy name that I cannot be bothered to remember, but I'm fine with those.

    Cookie crisps and cornflakes with milk can serve as my breakfast, brunch or lunch on a lazy day. It's surprisingly delicious, I feel.

    Ichiban Sushi is just a waste of money. The food's okay but isn't strikingly impressive, like all other japanese food. And their chawanmushi is sometimes cold. THAT IS NOT ICHIBAN, ICHIBAN.

    Pasta Mania's pretty okay. Everything's nice when served hot. Except for Macdonald's apple pie that BURNS YOUR TONGUE.

    KFC breakfast is still the best.

    And this is my recovering toe!!!!

    For those of you with a similar toe as mine (I'm pretty sure yours is much less intense. Or less gross.) it's really not that bad. It does hurt occasionally, when your friend or some idiot accidentally steps on it. Or when you step or trip over some random rock in the middle of nowhere. But it doesn't hurt to the extent that you can't walk. At least not after a few weeks.

    The new nail is growing (notice bottom right!) so you have to cut the dead nail (I mean all nails are dead luh, but the top deck nail is totally detached from the skin) away. I can't cut fully cause some parts of the nail isn't dead enough and it will hurt. (-.-)

    And the thing is, it took three to four months to reach this stage? The nail starts BULGING and it looks bloated and gross. Really really gross.

    Okay anyway. On with food from NTU.

    It's actually pretty good (since cheese is always awesome) and affordable too.

    I think food is really important in university life, assuming that I actually HAVE a life. I'm really excited to start studying after the long break although I'm still in a school now. Except that I'm working. Yeap.

    Marble cheesecake.

    Rojak and popiah (listed in order of preference)

    They're like friends, cause I always order them together since the stalls are side by side (Jurong West)

    The following is just a bunch of boring personal thoughts. So I suggest you to stop now.

    I have Season One to Seven of How I Met Your Mother in a thumbdrive and I guess I'll be watching them for a while.

    As usual, my life has been meaningful and fun. Not the I'M-HIGH-AND-DRUNK fun, but a dull kind of fun. A contented fun. I think post A levels has been truly enriching since I have time to do my own stuff at my own pace. (:

    It's currently the March Holidays and I've been occupied fully. I had a 3D 2N stayover at my place with a few friends. Then I popped over to J's house (her dad made crabs!) and I had buffet with my parents at North Point today. And I'll be out on Sunday too.

    So yeap, I'm pretty much fully occupied everyday since the immediate end of A levels. Now that I think about it... Even if I'm staying at home I have my own stuff to catch up on. Own interests. Then there are relationship commitments, be it family's or friends'. It's nice.

    Okay I think I've been talking about this for a long time. Cause I really value this change and freedom that my parents gave me after A levels. Prior to that I've a curfew (I mean I still do, but at least I don't have to rush home at 6pm although they still very much prefer that) and all that. Strict. Very very strict. They don't force me to study though, which can explain why I didn't study much.



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