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    18 February 2013

    Crowd mentality

    The above photos have neither anything to do with the title, nor the following content.

    I have been thinking about the crowd mentality, a lot. Clusters of people, like-minded or otherwise. I mean, it has always been evident in daily life and I first read a little about it in one of the chapters of Malcolm Gladwell's (Did I remember his name right?) books. It's basically this social experiment in which the individual's behaviour is pit against that of the group's.

    Well, 'pit against' is kind of like a wrong word choice. But the gist of it is this: A group of friends pass by this room in which smoke is coming out from under the door frame VS an individual experiencing the same thing. You would think that the erstwhile would report this incident to an authority of sorts while the latter would shirk away from his responsibility. But the experimental results indicated otherwise.

    Basically there is a diffusion of responsibility when you're in a crowd. So ultimately the people simply walked away, and the incident goes unreported. On the other hand, the responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the individual and he has to fulfil his duty by reporting the incident.

    I've been thinking a lot about this ever since I started seeing more classes. I guess it explains why a larger class size tends to generate more noise, create more trouble, and the ilk. There lies power in numbers, indeed. But I've been thinking more about channelling that confidence or the crowd mentality to better the crowd itself.

    I've also been wondering about the possibility of reversing this trend, since truth be told, those who are in a crowd are often alienated when observed at an individual level. They're not alone, but loneliness is another issue altogether. It's tough to form a close-knit community with a large population anyway.

    I've been thinking about heaps of stuff but they're all intertwined thoughts (oh, women) and I can't seem to pen them down right. Thus far I wrote a bunch of common sensical stuff in a possibly nice way but there are so much more in my head.

    All right, abrupt end. BYE.

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