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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    12 December 2012

    Post As: Week 2



    4th Dec

    I sort of packed my room and slacked on the computer for a while. Big Bang Theory and dramas, as usual.

    Then I headed to Uncle Harry's place with my parents to play with the dogs (and a puppy!!) had a nice time talking there as well. (: And yes, the dogs are really hyper and adorable beyond words. Handsome had an awesome time too hee.

    This is the new puppy, Austin! Super hyperactive and he bites a lot. Super sharp teeth like some vampire.

    Russel, acting aloof as always.

    I like talking to J there it's interesting. (:

    5th Dec

    It's an eventful day, really. Talked from like 9.30am to 3.30pm at JCube I never knew I could listen and talk for so long. It's fun, a different sort of fun. First time out I guess. Then I went back home to rest and met M from 8pm till 11.30pm for quite a long chat. She came over to my house to just talk and stuff.

    6th Dec

    Went to the gym with K in the morning and she was late for an entire hour lol. No idea why I didn't went into the gym first I think my mind wasn't functioning. I have been absent from the gym for like, MONTHS. I'm surprised that I remembered to bring a towel.

    Afterwards both K and Q went to my play to try putting make up for prom because it genuinely pains my heart to pay professionals to put make up on my face for a hefty price. And honestly speaking, make up doesn't look hard and it's a necessary skill for work life later on. So might as well try it out.

    It's my first time putting on make up and it's pretty scary to draw the eyeliner and convince yourself that you won't put yourself blind. And that sentence sounded awkward due to the repetition of 'yourself'. Okay, moving on. It isn't easy la, in the end I look like some ghost although they say it looks okay. Perhaps I'm not used to it.

    Then I had dinner with Y and M at 6.30pm (my memory is superb) and hung out with them for a chat at the park till 11pm. My parents were understanding, maybe because I was super near home lol.

    8th Dec

    I attempted to put make up for the second time in the afternoon and somehow managed to look acceptable with a somewhat smokey eye effect thing (?) I looked like an ah lian and I concluded that I hate removing make up more than putting make up on.

    It was a relatively free day. Met Sam and his younger brother at 4pm in the library for a short chat before I went to my granny's house.

    Anyway while I was there, I saw this book just like, sitting on the shelves. NOBODY EVEN LOOKED AT IT.

    I've been trying to borrow this for a century or two AND THERE IT WAS. JUST LYING ON THE SHELF.

    (Jumps around in joy)

    My eyes literally lit up (okay, not literally sorry, wrong diction) when I saw this and I went to borrow it immediately heh.

    9th Dec

    Had breakfast with M at 10.30am and then she came over to my house and we talked till 4pm. Just lying down on my bed and talking. Then I went to Jurong Point with M before heading to town. Waited for more than half an hour lol. I learnt that Magic Hall is a place that sells overpriced card decks (Plaza Singapura) and the shops with little boxes of display up for rental sells the exact same thing except a lot cheaper. I also learnt that it can be very traumatising and agonising to learn this after purchasing from the Magic Hall first and realising the truth immediately after on an empty stomach.

    Anyway I really really like exploring those cool shops with rental displays. Be it figurines or just any random cute stuff. Or action figures or anything. Comic shops have this mysterious aura, somehow.

    Had Kenny Rogers for the first time and it's pretty good I must say.

    This corn muffin or something is INSANELY YUMMY. And the best part is that it's complimentary.

    Let me say that again.


    Means it's free so it tasted even better lol! (aunty aunty aunty)

    Potato salad is always the best side dish. Astons or the other Astons-like place also the same thiiing (Singlish alert)

    So this concludes my second week. I'll have a sole post for prom because I took a gazillion photos lol. So yes. Till then, bye. (:

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