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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    08 December 2012

    Post As: Week 1

    29th Dec - 1st Dec

    So my last paper was on 29th December (Linguistics Paper 2) and it ended at 11am.Post A level activities started on that particular day at 1.30pm. met Xiaodan and Mengying to head to the class chalet.

    Card games, food, pool, and most importantly fun and talk. I went for a night cycle and crushed into a metal barricade lol. The road was too narrow and I lacked skills so the handle got caught at the ribbed metal barricade (like ribbed dresses. Okay I don't know how to say but the barricade formed waves on it's surface) And I just, like. KABOOM-ed.

    5 major bruises, all on my left leg. I must say, the heart-shaped bruise is pretty cute.

    My toenails are DARK PURPLE now.My friends keep telling me that they will DROP. My god please don't. It hurts a lot but the pain stopped yesterday so it's okay. It was so bad that I can't even wear socks properly. :S

    Like, socks actually compress your toenails against your toes gently. But when they're injured the pain is ultra pronounced I tell you.And after the injury my left toe got hit by a frisbee and it bled like crazy. Okay I actually summarised the series of unfortunate events in a Facebook status:

    Hypothesis: Bad things come in fours.
    After bruising my toes I worsened it by night cycling. Then it bled after being hit by a frisbee. Later I accidentally slammed a pool stick on it and it bled. And I just dropped my water bottle on it and its bleeding again. (Face palm) seriously need to concentrate.
    So yeap. Bad things come in a chain.

    2nd Dec

    Went to Safra Jurong to celebrate the 56th. It's a genuinely important day, that day.

    Oh I didn't take photos of the cookies that Sam baked. Super crispy and yummy. (:

    Then I dined at Jack's Place for the very first time. The food isn't to my liking, at all. And it's overpriced, I feel. Oh well. At least the service was okay. (:

    I actually liked the tea the most HAHAHAHA.

    3rd Dec

    Jaslyn popped over to install Final Fantasy (YAYE!) and we watched a few episodes of a new anime heh.

    I only played FF 9 before and I'm trying FF 8 now. I'm supposed to play FF10 (looks fun lo! The whole soccer thing. Or is that FF 12 I forgot) but my computer is too old to support it. :( Didn't wanna change my computer cause I don't game often. Meh. FF 8's graphics isn't horrendous so yeah. :D

    She stayed till 6pm+. Then I had a late dinner with Yiting and Mengying at Clementi till 10pm+.

    I think pricy food don't suit me. Cause the food at this Japanese restaurant tastes... Yucky. I feel.

    I had the porridge. The first few bites was pretty good I have to admit, then it become just gross. Mixed grains and all. Gooey. Pretty interesting actually.

    Will do up 4th dec till 9th dec (prom is on the 10th oh my.) another day! I've things on every single day until prom. Actually I realised that a lot of people are fully occupied as well, which is pretty cool. I actually expected myself to spend a lot of alone time after A levels but I've never texted or talked so much in the past week than in, forever. I'm sleeping at 1am or so on nearly a daily basis and I've made close friends and am appreciative of it. (:

    After prom I'll go visit my maternal side's grandparents often too. (: I've been neglecting them and visiting more of my paternal side's (pretty often too, I think.) and I feel guilty about it. :/

    All right, time to end this post. Bye people! I hope that your post As have been and will continue to be fun, enriching or fulfilling. (:

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    1. Correction: Your last paper was on Nov 29 you mean. Yaaaay. Guess who am I :)