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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    27 December 2012

    Post As: 18th - 21st Dec

    18th Dec

    Went to Swenson's with CE. We were discussing the chronology and adding details to our book before starting the actual writing process. :D

    Super productive, I feel. Managed to come up with a ton of insights from typical symbols. I'm glad I took Literature, it helped in a way. (:

    Meatballs were typical, but nonetheless pretty good.

    I love cheese, so this is awesome to me. Stretchy like crazy cause it was piping hot.

    (thumbs up)

    This seafood spaghetti was too overwhelming for me lol. Too salty, too much sauce, just too much of everything. The flavour was too strong I think. How can this be a chef's recommendation. Felt scammed lol. As in, it really tasted quite horrible to me. Oh well.

    After the lunch I popped over to Starbucks to help MY with her university application. Then I MRT-ed to Bukit Batok for a job interview. Got the job but the starting date isn't set. Once a week, a few hours only. But it isn't far so it's okay. (: Recommended by SY heh, yaye.

    19th Dec

    Read, watched shows etc. Then I went for a Sakura Dinner Buffet with my parents. Laughed so much lol!

    No photos of the food cause I've taken them before, same old things. And I found out that the branch at the Science Centre closed down. :O But I took photos with Dad while waiting in the car for my mother to be back from some booking. She was booking flights and hotel stuff.

    My Dad is way too cute. Oh and he pushed my face forward so it'll be bigger than his zzzz. Relativity.

    20th Dec

    Dad drove my mother and I to Malaysia again. MY stayed overnight at my place! Browsed through magazines, stalked people, talked, it was fun hee.

    Some random ginseng tea and honey jelly or something. Pretty overpriced actually.

    Waited for half an hour for this lol. But I have to admit the noodles are really super nice. I guess this made up for the inefficient servers. Really, it was quite funny.

    I guess when your mood is good, even waiting can be a joy. :D

    Dad being cute.

    I thought the cake was 1.20RM only zzzz.

    He finished all the bread in a night. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ZZZ. Unhealthy maximum.

    He said the walnuts were awesome (oh hang on, was it almonds instead?) and it's super fragrant and stuff. Still, not a good enough excuse.

    If I'm gonna spam cakes or other little treats I would come by this shop. It actually looks pretty trustworthy, as in the food looks like it is of quality. The price isn't cheap but it's cheaper, at least. Looks good.

    My Dad loves sweet potatoes like crazy. It's like in every country he'll buy a sweet potato. The most expensive one thus far is the ones in Japan (surprised?) Like honey potatoes. When the person lifted the cover there were bees inside omg.

    Costs like SGD 5 for one potato. It's by grams but it evens out to that cost. And the potato is SMALL. Not tiny but still, significantly SMALL.

    Everything there was overpriced, DON'T KNOW WHY. Forgot which mall we went to though. Not KSL or JUSCO (changed its name by the way, can't remember).

    Dad and I don't quite like the shops there so we took photos while my mother was browsing around.

    Shall continue with the sleepover with MY and the subsequent activities in another post! (:

    I think I've mentioned this numerous times, perhaps on the blog or to persons, that I'm glad that I'm occupied everyday thus far. It's a nice feeling, a nice change from the previous forever-staying-at-home and super-early-curfew self. I'm not saying that I always stay at home but most of the time I am. It's like a default setting.

    Am glad that my parents are allowing me to hang out everyday. Am glad that I packed my wardrobe and cleaned my room. Not thoroughly though. Am glad that things are worth being glad for. Every once in a while, and by that I mean probably once a week, I would think of the things that should be appreciated more. Thinking is nice.

    So far I have plans tomorrow as well and after that perhaps a few more hang outs before work starts. Once the company sets a date for an interview and all goes well (please don't let someone with admin experience take my potential job awaaaay) I'll start work, so I'll be occupied as well. Or perhaps someone will be more capable for that job, since the pay is pretty good, and I'll be free. And then I'll plan my time for other stuff, as usual. Or start on my list of self-enrichment.

    I feel that life has been more enriching and meaningful in a way. Because of the talks, and not because of the money spent. I skip the talking part, or the writing part, or the texting part on my blog cause it's private. But that accounts for a lot of my time, and nights, and midnights, and even till like 3AM or so. It is a nice change. Although my eyesight is suffering. I don't know how long it can last or whether it will grow to become an immutable and entrenched dependence, but enjoying the process is sometimes all that matters. (:

    Thus far things have been smooth sailing. And I'm going overseas in January for 10 days in total. 2 sets of 5-day trips. My schedule is pretty nice till mid February. Feels like I've done more things in the past month (neeeeearly a month) than in a year. (:

    It's 1.41AM now and I shall attempt to sleep. Body clock's pretty much destroyed into smithereens lol.

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