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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    19 December 2012

    First and last prom, club and such

    Since I've been absent from my blog for a week (I apologise!) I shall do a number of posts today as compensation I guess. (:

    Anyway I've been busy on a daily basis. Not with work, but with play I guess. So yeap. Anyway this post is basically just blabber, with a lot of photos.

    10th Dec

    Prom prom prom. A red carpet affair.

    We were a little late. QY and XD popped over to do make up. I actually helped XD with her make up although I'm a supreme noob. Was super stressed cause I keep thinking that I'll stab her eyeball with the eyeliner. :( But everything turned out well. :D

    Prom day was my third attempt at make up. (Tried once the day before and the day before that. Washing it away is a hassle.) Didn't turn out awesome but it's still presentable I think. (:

    Taxi-ed to Copthorne Hotel or something.

    And then there's flash HAHAHAH.

    Samuel dressed up as a sheriff! And the badge costs 20 bucks.

    Okay there are seriously way too many photos. So I'll just upload those with myself in it.

    Anyway the photos are all blur. Cause we were rushing to take photos with everyone and anyone and KL has got bad camera skills lol. It felt like graduation day, somewhat. Except everyone was clad in something more than presentable. And I couldn't recognise people who wore contact lens and had make up on and their hair beautifully done.

    By the way, I did my own hair and make up. And I dare say my prom dress is the cheapest of all. And my heels are definitely the cheapest without doubt.


    Not a fan of prom. But that's besides the point. Moving on.


    Yes it's poorly done. No hairspray no nothing, just braided it and clipped it noobly.

    There are professional photos taken by people but I can't be bothered to add them here heh. The events were pretty cute. But I still think that paying 80 plus bucks is way too much. So yeap. That's prom.

    And before prom I had Pizza Hut with MY. Can you believe it. (face palm)

    11th Dec

    After prom I went to a club or a pub I don't know the difference for the first time in my life. It was loud, and the lights hurt my eyes. People were actually allowed to smoke. No clubs were open on a Monday so we went to some uluh club called Neverland.


    In the taxi, the taxi driver was telling us about how scary the place is. He said that just last week two people got hacked to death by parangs and that freaked me out. And the place looked kind of sleazy. But it wasn't bad cause there was like eight of us. Guys and girls.

    I can't take alcohol. Kind of intolerant and it tastes like crap. So I just drank like a bit of beer. Crazxy expensive and I didn't like it. But at least I learnt about the performers on stage and the flowers and teddy bears that they receive and such. And I find it crazy how a bottle of wine can cost up to 170 bucks and VIP suites and such. It's really quite interesting. The whole face value and the concept of entertainment.

    I just went for the exposure or experience. But the smoke made me dizzy.

    I actually spent close to thirty bucks on cab fare that day. So this is how hanging out late is like. I don't like it. It's bad and expensive.

    And I got laughed at by the waiter (?) cause I asked if there's apple juice. I heard have what! Okay nevermind. (U.U)

    So after being there for 40 minutes or so, we were all bored. Everyone's like nice kids so nobody wanted to be high or drunk. Listened to singers on stage. Yeah.

    Then QY and KL stayed over at my house. Watched Invincible youth or something but I fell asleep. They left with XD at around 10am.

    Then in the afternoon I went to my granny's place (and found out that it's my didi's birthday) slacked there for the whole day. Read a bit of The Book Thief but I texted most of the time.

    So that's that's the 11th.

    12th Dec

    1am flight. MY came over to slack. :D Wrote in my diary after being absent for a month plus.

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