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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    06 July 2012

    How To plan and execute a surprise birthday celebration


    If you're thinking of organising a surprise birthday celebration for your friend in the form of an amazing race near his or her house, you will require adequate or above average acting skills. You need to be capable of concealing your true intentions, which will most definitely not cause guilt since it's a white lie. (:

    The amazing race should be held near her house. But before you can do that, you'll need to subtly tease out information from her.


    The first place to look would be in her organiser or anything that has 'name', 'birthday', 'telephone number' and 'address' to fill up.

    If that fails, you'll need to find out her address from scratch. This works best if you have two other persons working with you. Start by talking about the hummingbird that frequents your balcony. Express strong interest (or bewilderent) in how hummingbirds can fly all the way to the 11th floor and ask everyone around you if that has ever happened to them before. Chances are, IT HAS. Congratulations! You know which storey she lives in! (That's assuming that you friend lives in an HDB)

    If you laugh a lot when you lie, please laugh naturally and try to hide it by saying a joke.

    Start making up how auspicious block numbers can bring you luck. Make it sound genuine by citing how your luck improved or worsened when you shifted house. Start asking people if that's true. Congratulations! You now know which block your friend lives in. If you're lucky, your friend may even start talking about her unit number. Otherwise, you can simply knock on every door.

    Upon completion of this task, start grinning like idiots and take photos.

    #2. Pretending to be somewhere else

    It's crucial that the celebration SURPRISES her and to achieve this, you'll need to appear wholly busy. I recommend that you pretend to watch movies.

    Start talking about recent movie titles like Spiderman or Chernobyl Diaries and express interest in watching them. Ensure that she can hear you while directing the question to EVERYONE. You have to be really general and natural about this.

    According to your group of friends' personalities, there may be one person who will simply refuse to watch scary movies of mutated people in Chernobyl diaries. Ensure that that person (who is in the know) should pretend to not want to go for the movie such that everything looks real. This must be done IF AND ONLY IF the birthday girl or guy is not going for the movie.

    To make things seem even more real, ask the birthday girl to persuade that friend who is afraid of watching such movies to go. Do not overreact.

    The friend (who is afraid of watching such movies) should gather all the birthday gifts and cake et cetera and meet the group of friends at some discrete corner in the MRT station before traveling to the birthday girl's house.


    Get someone to stall for time while the group of friends meet up. It is crucial that this person can act well and will not faint or vomit when he or she is lying.

    #4. RACE, START!

    There can be all sorts of stations. But if one of your station happens to be the vending machine (like, a note in the vending machine that will provide hints for the next location) Please watch from afar and protect the note. This is especially so if the note is accompanied by a gift.

    People may stare, but that's okay.

    While waiting, take photos of everything.

    #5. MINI PARTY

    This is also fundamental because it creates a sense of closure. Party poppers would be good and you can get them for $2 at NTUC. It sets the atmosphere. Remember to ensure that at least two people dare to pop the party poppers though.

    You have to be fast such that everything is prepared before the birthday girl decides to skip a station and arrives really early. Try not to sit and instead, move your legs about or you may be bitten by ants. It's really painful.

    Tip: Get free plastic cups from MacDonald's.

    Straws too. Anyway we frequent MacDonald's so I hope this is fine.

    A cake is important, even if you hate cakes. Chocolate is a universally accepted, if not embraced flavour. You can experiment and try peppermint and whatnot, but if you dare not venture, just stick with chocolate.

    It's always good to have a free cameraman taking photos. It's even better if he or she can edit the photos afterwards such that the blur and dark shots look better.

    If someone in your group of friends cannot take alcohol or has not yet reached 18, do not leave him or her out! Opt for champagne or sparkling juice. Thy're affordable and delicious.

    It can be quite scary to pop the champagne though. Good luck with that.

    Do not panic even if the birthday girl arrives really early.

    Pop the party poppers in her face and capture it like a pro using your iPhone.

    Watch her smile gleefully and know that your efforts are appreciated.

    Take nice photos of the birthday girl that can potentially be her new display picture.

    It's important to end with a yaaaaaaaaaaaam-SENG! However, if there's an internal joke in your group of friends, please feel free to change utterance.

    Remember to toast in slow-motion so that the cameraman can take a clear photo.


    Remember that photos freeze and capture memories. You live once, well, most people anyway. It's always good to reflect and that can be done easily with photos. It's okay even if you look a tad unglamorous in the photos.

    Feel free to make stupid faces, you're young anyway.

    #7. BLOOPERS

    Because we all have that one suay friend, there are bound to be bloopers after the birthday girl goes home. It can be anything. Perhaps even bird poop.

    You know what? Take two photos of it.

    Try not to laugh too much because karma happens pretty often. Hee.

    So this concludes how you can plan and execute surprise birthday celebrations. Good luck with yours (this is our fourth surprise actually. Second surprise amazing race to be exact.) Make the day a special one for your friends. :D

    Happy birthday Xiuhan! (:



    2. Ahahaha i totally LOL-ed at the birdshit part. Hahahahaha. :P