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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    31 July 2012

    Dogs and Puppies

    I was at Uncle Henry's place yesternight and I fell in love with all the adorable dogs and puppies. :3 More so the puppies, I know, I'm biased.:P

    I'm guessing you'll love this post cause it's filled with cute photos. Enjoy! (:

    It's only four months old or so! Cute maximum.

    This is Handsome's mummy.Kept hugging her and playing with her hee hee. She seems to prefer me over her son lol.

    Placing my feet there so that you can have a rough gauge of her size.

    Molly is always so majestic.

    Poppy jumps really high. Like, really, reeeeally high.

    That's all for today's post! (:

    Dogs are men's best companions. They are always there for you, so you jolly well be there for them.

    I've been watching videos and reading stories about dogs that saved the lives of their owners. It's rather saddening to read about it cause it's usually accompanied by a photo of a serverly injured or dead dog. :(

    Touching, but really saddening.

    I doubt Handsome will have the guts to bite anyone, ever. He's probably too small to save me, if there is ever a need. But then again it's hard to tell since he's still a puppy.

    P.S: Watching the Olympics as though I'm in a trance. I don't even like watching table tennis but I just keep watching it!

    P.P.S: Affairs of the heart can morph and intensify.

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