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    08 June 2012

    Male stereotypes: Oiling the fan

    I've no idea how my Dad does this.

    I find it cool how society is engineered to believe in certain rules. Not law and order kind of rules, but unwritten rules that came from stereotypes. How guys always know how to fix the lights and stuff. When you think about it, it actually makes more sense to conclude that girls are better at that since we are supposedly meticulous. And that's greatly needed when it comes to light bulbs.

    Given the fact that guys are physically superior and possess herculean strength, it makes more sense for them to wash the clothes and mop the floor. Since work is now more inclined towards being knowledge-based instead of labour-intensive, perhaps there should be more house husbands? Then again, there are washing machines and vacuum cleaners so my argument is flawed.

    I'm not being a feminist here, but I'm just thinking from a logical perspective. In fact, I believe that guys are often unfairly treated. I mean, we all know of bimbotic girlfriends who forces their boyfriends to carry bright pink bags and stuff. Guys should pay the meals, guys should buy expensive gifts, guys should take the initiative, guys should do everything to please you, yada yada guys guys guys. FYI, I find such girls annoying. And they usually have a high pitched whiny voice. Okay random.

    In attempting to be equal, the guys are actually having it tougher I think. Even the law protects women, in most countries anyway. Which makes sense cause we used to be mistreated in the patriarchal society. We were subjected to the male gaze (I'm throwing huge concepts here lightly. Learnt them in Literature anyway, women's writings.) and were brought up to fit in to survive. We had to conform to the ideal mould of a perfect woman, an obedient, subservient, forever-supporting-her-husband-no-matter-how-ridiculous-he-is kind of woman. But that's in the past and we've progressed to be independent and recognised for what we can, and have done.

    At least the developed world has.

    Okay I digressed! (Which is a really woman's trait isn't it?) So as I was saying, typing, I find it cool how we are all taught and engineered to believe in certain rules. It's amazing how society teaches and informs us of stereotypes. I guess being human means being capable of learning, and adapting, as much as we hate to step out of our comfort zone.

    Perhaps the expectations of gentlemanly behaviour have shot up, perhaps they may adapt by conforming. But that's just a mindless assumption that girls hope to be true. If that's the case, then women will have it better, at the guy's expense, of course.

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