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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    20 June 2012

    iFeedback and Rome!

    HI, YOU! :D

    There's an ongoing contest right now organised by Nestlé. (And everyone knows  Nestlé.) All you have to do is to submit a creative and feasible idea via an iPhone or Android application and you stand to win a pair of Finnair air tickets to Europe! Yes, air tickets! TO EUROPE!

    (jumps in joy)

    So anyway, it's really really simple. All you have to do is...

    #1. DOWNLOAD the iFeedback app on your iPhone or Android phone.
    It's free by the way. You don't even require wi-fi, 3G is enough. (:

    You'll be greeted with this:

    #2. SCAN the barcode at the back of the Nestlé product you would like to comment on.

    It can be any of their products! See the above image for the goods available.

    I scanned their Milo product. :D

    I love Milo, not simply because it's delicious, but also because of its... Singaporean taste. I know Milo isn't unique to Singapore, but I still find it Singaporean. Just take 'Stylo Milo' for instance. When a brand name is embedded in Singlish, the cultural dimension is pretty self explanatory.


    Also, do you know that some traditional kopitiam aunties call 'Milo', 'Pa Kiu', which is hokkien for soccer? It's because there used to be a soccer player printed on the Milo cans (there are loads of variations now)

    All right, MOVING ON!

    Hit either 'I LIKE' or 'I CRITIQUE' and start penning your comment! Don't forget to include your name, contact number and NRIC! Here are examples provided by Nestlé:

    • Personally, I wrote a really long comment because my head was filled with Economics and Linguistics for some strange reason. SO here's what I sent them:
    • To stand out from your competitors in SG, you may want to include a singlish slogan to establish a sense of solidarity with us. e.g: Milo, so shiok ah! This way, you will be identifying yourself as an in-group and this aids in the creation of a friendly corporate image. (: Also, if you add a small surprise gift, for instance a dollar coin, a small plastic toy, etc, it'll encourage consumers to stay loyal since they are greeted with an unexpected and free gift every time. This anticipation, although slightly costly, can ensure that consumers prefer you over the rest. This can also make the demand for your product less income elastic.

    • SEEEEEE?? ECONOMICS AND LINGUISTICS APPLICATION IN DAILY LIFE. (: I think marketing is cool and I'm genuinely considering taking that in University.I think these improvements will genuinely help Milo to increase sales actually.

    • #4. SUBMIT and stand to win return air tickets for two to Europe via Finnair.
    • Yes! That's all! Just submit and you'll be qualified.
    • It's worth a shot because winners will be chosen based on
    • See? I told you it's simple.  So put a little thought in it and you can win! :D 
    • So anyway, I thought about where I would want to go if I did win this contest (crosses fingers) and I realised that it's really difficult to choose between Paris and Rome! There's an entire list of flight destinations at Finnair. Took some time before I choose...

    • Rome. (:
    • 'Why Rome?'

    Image credits: c-e-l-e-s-t-i-a-l-embraces and SecretGardenB@Tumblr

    I love the scenery, the lights, the shadows cast, the boats, the architect, the clouds, the everything.


    How can a place be so beautiful? I have this dream to just head out in Rome and relax in a small coffee shop down a random street, sipping tea or coffee before strolling away to another random street. Taking photographs in Rome would be awesome because the place is just so photogenic from every possible angle. It'll be a great place to sketch and write a creative story.

    I've read the poem about the Piazza, which is in Rome, and it sounds like a great place to just sit and think. Or write a poem. Rome exudes an artistic and romantic charm.

    'Aww... Can I go?'

    I'm a fan of food so Rome is practically a paradise for me. They have really grandiose names as well, like Fiori di zucca and Snocchi alla Romana et cetera.Sounds yummy.

    I'm not saying that Singapore has gross food, because I love rojak and kaya toast like crazy.

    Yes, they are delicious.

    But... I've never tried Rome's. And they sure look insanely yummy! And it's all classy and they have this authentic and vintage feel to them. It's just the overall image and feeling that you get from Rome's architect, people, and food. (:

    Also, its expensive. So obviously I hope that I can win the contest. :P It'll be a great reward for studying for A levels. Assuming that this major examination does not kill me.

    You should join the contest, maybe you'll win a trip! (: It's free anyway, so why not give it a shot? Here's wishing you good luck, and bye!

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