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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    07 May 2012

    Massive, random photo update.

    Before I begin the update, I would like to rant.

    MY COMPUTER REFUSED TO CONNECT WITH THE INTERNET FOR TWO DAYS! :( It's really fascinating how much extent of discomfort this can inflict upon me seriously. I'm actually quite worried because I ended up simply lying in bed and using my phone, which really isn't any better. I think this is a creepy and scary (used dirty green and bloody red for a dramatic effect) phenomenon that I'm pretty sure pervades other people's lives. Even yours, maybe.

    I'm too lazy to go out or do some academically-related or productive work. It's like my time is wholly wasted doing virtually nothing. I think the only sort-of productive thing I did was to update my diary, the actual written one that isn't well hidden because I'm afraid that I'll forget where I put it if I did hide. So yeah, I had a realisation. Actually I had that realisation long ago but I didn't realise how great a revelation it is until my internet actually broke down. And it's just on my computer oh my.

    I shall spend less time on the computer surfing Gmarket (JUST BOUGHT A STITCH HANDPHONE COVER THOUGH. SUPER CUTE. THE EARS POP UP WHEN YOU HIT A BUTTON.) and Tumblr-ing and Facebook-ing and surfing all sorts of sites (I have a list of favourite, nearly daily staples actually) I should really spend more time outside, or studying. The latter is preferred, genuinely speaking.

    I guess the situation is somewhat salvaged since I've planned to hang out with my friends (okay... not really academically helpful la, BUT IT'S AN IMPROVEMENT RIGHT? :D) after school and just catch up. That's a start. (: Oh and there'll be class outing on Wednesday anyway. HURRAY!

    Okay, now for the photo update.

    That's the gift that we got for Mr Lim anyway, our PW teacher. Everyone in the group got an A by the way. I know it sounds superficial, like get A then give present (although we did give last Teachers' Day...) But this reveals our sense of appreciation. :D

    Besides, it was sheer hard work on our part. It was fun though, PW is cool.

    Some baguette or something.

    Roses for Vicki after her CLDDS performance. (: Freaked out cause there was a ghost story and she didn't tell me lol. I CANNOT TAKE HORROR SERIOUSLY.

    Some smart stuff that Sam's studying. Completely uninterested though.

    Some stuff I cooked up.

    The KFC ultimate burger isn't really that tasty. It suits me though, cause I hate buns. But it isn't that crispy as what is advertised on TV. It's just so-so, really.


    Not kidding! Drank it twice thus far (Jurong Point don't have~ I know Jurong East MRT there have. :D) and it's just super awesome. Remember to chop up the pudding with your straw first, don't be like me. (-.-)

    New at Skype. Super lousy video quality. Ignore my dumb face.

    The poem doesn't apply to me. (-.-)

    All right, GOOD BYE PEOPLE OF EARTH! I shall, umm, stay online for a little while before I dive in my bed. (:

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