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    08 November 2011

    24 member girl group?


    Seriously? 24 members? That's practically a class.

    The popular ones will shine whereas the less popular ones will be left behind despite all the efforts put in in their training. Most of the members would have trained for years and unavoidably neglected their studies in the process. Without a certificate it's hard to even secure jobs that are stable.

    Whatever will they do once they're not famous or beautiful anymore? It's a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless. Idols have to be good looking now that more and more have both the combination of looks and talent(s). Face it, if you get to choose between a beautiful, talented girl and an average-looking one with equal talents, you would choose the former.

    That's the entertainment industry. And idols now have to sing, dance, and entertain while maintaining their image. How insanely tough can that be? There is practically no time to rest for them for they have to go on numerous shows to stand out in the sea of other idols. They have to outshine the existing, popular bands. Not just that, they have to ensure that upcoming rookie groups that are debuting would not take their place. They have to be constantly smiling for their actions are being watched by all the fans be it through fancams or interviews.

    It's just so tough. It's even tougher than a high-paying job such as, I don't know, a doctor? A lawyer? At least they can rest and not be scolded by all the fans who claim that they're growing proud after being popular or the ilk.

    All that I've said is specifically about the korean music and entertainment industry. For the idols dont' receive a lot of pay, especially if their earnings have to be splitted amongst their group members. Of course, the more popular ones will receive more assignments and hence earn more revenue. But still, the pay isn't attractive.

    I guess most of them started out with the idea that they want to pursue their passion. If such a burning desire to become idols lasts for that individual's lifetime and that person succeeds, good for him. If it doesn't, then what other alternative paths can they turn to?

    I know some idols set up cafes after they're famous. I think Gary from Running Man runs his own cafe. But what if the idol isn't famous and he just... Dies? Not in the literal way. Nobody would recognise him, no matter how passionate he is. It's just so sad. :/

    Also, check out this article if you wish to. There are 27 girl groups that debutted in 2011. How many do you know?

    Dal Shabet, A-Pink, Rania, Brave Girls, Chi-Chi, Bella,Chocolat, April Kiss, Piggy Dolls, 5Dolls, INY, Leader’S, SpinEl, Blady, Ei-yo, Swan.B, Swincle,Carcaro Girl, Eye to Eye, Ocean Girls, Wind Hold Venus, Coin Jackson, Black Eye, Elizabeth,Swing Girls, Stellar, and Mascot.

    See my point?

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