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    31 July 2011

    I am enraged.

    Pig drowned in a bucket of water. (ChinaSmack)

    Pig strangled by a police student. (ChinaSmack)

    Click here to see the entire article on yahoo.

    So basically, the above pictures (done by the Chinese from China) isn't torture, WOW!

    "The special police school has come forth to say that the incident was a forensics class experiment under taken by criminal investigation and special police students"

    WOW! Forensics class experiment!

    Now let me highlight that torturing is different from eating. The latter doesn't make us omnivores guilt-free though. But the point is that torturing them as a supposed CLASS EXPERIMENT is way out of line.

    I'm not targeting China (I do have friends from China and they are NOTHING like that.) but I have to admit, most of the sick stuff come from them.

    Remember the animal porn? People were PAYING to watch hideous women covered in layers of make up STEP chicks or hamsters or kittens to DEATH? And like, stab the poor kittens and lick their blood (WTF WTF?)

    And human meat buns?

    And the train derailed, why so? I suspect the reason coincides with what caused the collapse of the school, killing so many kids, during the earthquake. We all know the reason.

    And the milk powder, they even want to kill BABIES oh god.

    And a friend jsut told me the issue about the bears. Basically, they keep blakc bears in tiny cages and RIP OPEN THEIR STOMACH TO COLLECT JUICES and prevent them from dying. So it's like, ENDLESS PAIN. For 20 YEARS.

    T-W-E-N-T-Y. Y-E-A-R-S.

    One of the bears tried to commit suicide cause it was so painful and it kept punching its stomach where the hole is. So from that day onwards, the people CHOPPED OFF THEIR LIMBS.

    One of the bears were pregnant. When she gave birth to her child, she BIT THE CHILD UNTIL IT DIED AND STARTED CRYING. Obviously you don't want your child to suffer for twenty years like this!

    I think the government really needs to do something, considering their rising status in the economic arena. I doubt any country would be considered developed, much less advanced, considering all the screw ups along the way.

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