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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    25 May 2011

    Update on my life.

    I have a tendency (by tendency I actually mean ALWAYS) to do good stuff at inappropriate times. Recently, I've found a lot of good books to read but GP test is on... Let's see... In 2 days time.

    See what I mean?!

    I mean yes, people say that you can improve GP by reading. But that's supposed to be way ahead of the GP test so that you get some sort of a familiarity with the language itself. And I really should not be blogging but I really really feel like it, and I won't spend more than half hour on this post, promise!

    As I was saying, I've been reading.

    Courtesy of Meng Ying! (: Will be borrowing more books from her in time to come heh. Nice girl (not because she lent me stuff) and she's my PW mate also by the way. I heard, I know that some groups are fairly unhappy with their project mates, thank god our class has wonderful people.

    By the way, the book's pretty cool. It's saying common sensical stuff in a difficult yet intriguing way. But I started scanning through after half of it.


    I have been wanting to read this since forever, but I cannot find this book anywhere (strangely enough) until yesterday. (SEE WHAT I MEAN WHEN I ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING AT INAPPROPRIATE TIMES?!) Coincidentally enough, I read about this on a newspaper that was given out during economics lecture and they introduced this book and I was like "Hey, I've always wanted to read this and see why it won an award." And I found this resting along the display in our school library. Cool.

    Anyway, very little books get to be read by me after the first 3 pages. (Really, my attention span is like the goldfish's memory span) And no book (except for The Time Travellers' Wife since Sam bought it for me for no apparent reason. Plus the story's good and I've mentioned this countless times) has ever been thoroughly read. I tend to skip over the boring bits or chunks. Yeap.

    Also, Samuel bought me this ANGRY BIRD! (I keep saying Crazy Bird I don't know why!!) I don't play the game anymore cause I'm stuck on this level. And when I downloaded the update I had to restart everything and I got bored.


    He looks like an innocent bird, or Elmo, when I cover his brows. I know it's a he cause he's red.


    NOW HE JUST LOOKS DUMB AND ANGRY HAHA. Also, my favourite function bird (meaning I just like it for it's uses, and that it's not cute) is the white one. It lays an egg (read:bomb) and flies away making the pheewwwww~ sound super cute!

    Side note: PLEASE DON'T TOUCH MY BIRD (it would sound really awkward if I'm a guy) WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I will zip my bird in my bag whenever I go inside the library cause the last time I didn't, someone pushed that poor fella's beak INWARDS. May tomorrow be an unpleasant day for you, the-one-who-pushed-his-beak. And may you have a bad hair day.

    By the way, I named him Angry. Lack of creativity much?


    Also, after waiting for a long long time, the people at 14.59 still didn't respond to my application form. Then all of a sudden they published my entry. Weird.

    Anyway, I'm quite disappointed (and you'll know why if you've been following me on Twitter) I actually meant my short story to be a satirical one. (Go google if you don't get it) But the way I wrote it.. It's too abstract I guess, I should have just specified humans as "humans", so the entire short story became... Meaningless. :(

    I'm actually writing from a banana peel's point of view. And that I'm observing people. There's this part in my original work (am just gonna summarise it) about me (banana) thinking that humans are really rude. There were little, friendly children who would approach anyone walking down the street with outstretched arms but the people would ignore her. And I thought that perhaps she shouldn't don her tattered clothes etc etc so that people won't ignore her. Then I went on to talk about how the people are unfair, that they were able to don pretty clothes and carry cute bags, but the children didn't even have shoes. I was actually alluding to beggars and the social disparity...

    Oh well...


    I also went for SPLAT! and accumulated CIP hours with Congyu! (: The paper isn't blank by the way, it just appears so in this photo.

    I have exceeded 30 minutes but it's nice reflecting. (: I love blogging cause I adore writing. But I didn't do well for GP and my Literature and Linguistics is not up to my standard.

    I shall start on my "1100 WORDS YOU NEED TO KNOW" book, which is super interesting. (I'M A NERD! And I'm repeating stuff that I've tweeted half an hour ago)

    Follow me on Twitter! I update more frequently, daily, there.

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