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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    03 January 2011





    I accompanied Daddy to work today, hence I'm a tad sick and also feverish. (8am till 2pm so yeap. Lack sleep as well due to insomnia.) I hope I'll be fine for school tomorrow. It's bad to miss the first day of school. :(

    Anyway, realise that a lot of food terms starts with deli?




    The noun 'deli' has 1 sense, which is a shop selling ready-to-eat food products. (: Okay bye people, am going for Sakura for dinner tomorrow. My Dad says it's to "celebrate the start of school." I also saw my horrendous time table filled with long breaks and even longer lectures. (School ends at 4pm tomorrow sigh.)

    By the way, see the Facebook 'like' sign to your right? (: Yes I created that a couple of days ago. Do support my blog (if you read and like it) by clicking 'like' hee, will appreciate it a lot! Love you people!

    P.S: WHERE IS RM F3-13 ?!

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