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    29 October 2010

    Mum killed her child for interrupting her FarmVille game. (?!)

    I am currently pissed.

    Apparently, the above mother (aged 22) killed her 3 month old son for interrupting her while she was playing FarmVille.

    So basically, she started shaking her baby (super violently I presume) when he interrupted her game. Then she proceeded to smoke for a while to calm her nerves, and then she CONTINUED shaking her son. The poor boy might have hit his head in the process, resulting to his death.






    Such a great mother.

    Anyway, FarmVille is hyper dumb. Seriously! It's not even fun and it has like infinite ACTIVE users every single day. All you do is to grow a tree, wait patiently for it to bear fruits, then harvest them. Then you'll get MORE money from the selling to buy MORE trees/seeds/whatever to sell MORE crops to earn MORE money (repeat for a million times till the person drops dead)

    But that's besides the point, THE POINT IS THIS MOTHER KILLED HER SON FOR INTERRUPTING HER GAME. She might have shot him if she had a gun beside her. (I'm using a lot of red, bold words because I'm very frustrated now, the poor son died because of his stupid, useless mother.)

    I hope she feels guilty and STOP playing that stupid game.

    Poor boy, please rest in peace. :(

    Yes people, I know you wanna read more, so click here for the full news report.

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