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    31 October 2010

    Cops jailed for attempted rape

    In Beijing,

    A court jailed two police officers for the attempted rape of two teenage girls, one of whom jumped to her death while trying to resist the assault.

    Gong Cheng, a policeman in Hunan province, was given the death penalty with a two-year reprieve. It's a sentence normally commuted to life in prison.

    Assistant policeman Xu Lei was sentenced to 15 years in jail. Another three men involved in the attempted rape were given the death penalty with a two-year reprieve, life in prison and 13 years respectively.

    So far, it seems that the cops are entirely at fault and I actually hope that they'll die at this point in time.

    According to the statement, the two girls knew one of the men, and went to karaoke in Fenghuang county with him and the four others on September 4.

    The men decided to spike the girls' drinks with ketamine, a general anaesthetic that causes a temporary loss of body sensation, and take them to a hotel, it said. They then tried to rape them but the girls, both 16, resisted.

    One of the men slapped and kicked one of the girls, and threatened her. Gong then tried to rape the girl, but she escaped without the men noticing and threw herself out of a window from the ninth floor, falling to her death, the court said. The five were also ordered to pay more than 350,000 yuan (S$67,879) in compensation.

    I would say that 85% of the fault lies with the cops, and 15% of it lies with the teenage girls.

    Credits: Straits Times

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