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    23 September 2010

    Man jailed for four weeks for having sex with another man

    From Channel NewsAsia

    SINGAPORE: A dishwasher was jailed for four weeks for having sex with another man in a restroom at Mustafa Centre and then lying to the police, claiming that he had instead been molested in a cubicle.

    The court heard that 23-year-old Muhammad Noor Izuan Sa'ad met 49-year-old Timothy Ang Ah Sai at a coffeeshop outside the store at around 1am on December 14, 2009.

    They started chatting and soon agreed to engage in a sexual activity at the restroom located on the first floor.

    A security officer on duty spotted the pair behaving suspiciously and decided to keep an eye on them.

    He followed them into the men's room and noticed that both of them were inside the same toilet cubicle.

    The officer detained the pair after they left the restroom and notified the police.

    When questioned by the authorities, Muhammad Noor Izuan said that Ang was drunk and that he had helped him into the toilet as he wanted to throw up.

    The tattooed man added that Ang then molested him but he did not react as he was afraid.

    Ang was arrested and detained for 12 hours because of this accusation.

    He was sentenced to two weeks' jail on September 3 for engaging in the sexual activity.

    Those convicted of the offence can be jailed up to two years.

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