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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    28 August 2010

    Personal Taste, 《个人取向》


    Hey guys. (: If you've been a loyal reader, you would have known by now that I'm selected as 1 of the 5 bloggers to cover Channel U's Personal Taste Private screening. (I wrote about it here by the way)

    So basically, I went over to *SCAPE for the event today. Was pretty excited cause I've never attended any private screenings before. Before I begin today's entry, I shall tell you people what Personal Taste, (also known as 《个人取向》) is exactly. :D

    OKAY, so anyway, I believe most fans of K-pop would know about this show already:

    Yeap, that's the new drama, Personal Taste, that Channel U will be airing from 4th September, every Saturday at 9.30pm! :D

    So lemme introduce the 2 leads~ They are....

    (drum rolls please!)

    Son Ye Jin (pretty right!) She looks like a girl from SNSD, which practically every guy idolises. My class guys are crazy over them.
    And Lee Min Ho, who is more reknowned as the male lead in Boys Over Flowers. (:

    (Girls must be gasping at the screen now.)

    Anyway, his acting style is pretty much the same as the one in Boys Over Flowers, like those super unfriendly, cool, and a little obnoxious type. I think he can act very well lor, I'll just end up laughing if I had to act all serious.

    Will elaborate on the details of the show at the end of the entry so read on till then! :D

    So as I was saying, I was selected to cover this event and Channel U's really nice to allow me to bring a friend along. (:


    Train-ed down all the way to Somerset and walked over to *SCAPE.


    We were supposed to reach by 4.45pm for registration. I thought I was early cause I reached by 4.35pm, but I was kinda shocked when I reached. Look at the long queue! The above picture is like, only half of the entire chain of people.


    So bored, so must take picture!


    Wah, I need to lose weight. (=.=)

    On a brighter note, at long last, the wait is over and the queue moved. :D Received a goodie bag:



    We also got a stamp on our left wrist. Super cute channel U logo! :D


    Lee Teng and Jeremy were the hosts, they're really good at creating the ideal atmosphere. At first the audience were pretty shy to respond but after a minute everyone's screaming at the mention of Lee Min Ho's name. :P

    Anyway, I participated in one of their mini games and I received a voucher plus Lee Min Ho's signature on a poster. (: Not those copy and paste one okay, he signed it days ago and passed it to the Channel U crew. (: His signature is quite illegible by the way, like one super long and jaggered line.

    Oh anyway they say that Lee Min Ho is super tall and very polite in real life. Like, he will keep smiling, thanking people and bowing. (:


    The screening started. (:

    We got to watch the first 2 episodes and it was hilarious! The show is basically about a girl who always suffers heartaches due to her naive nature, but she never lost her cool spirit. She then met a guy who managed to change her into a sophisticated lady. (: This is of course just in a nut shell la, there're a lot more details in between, and a lot of humour. :D

    There's this scene whereby both leading actors groped each other's butt (obscene I know, but still very funny!) and another scene whereby Lee Min Ho was portrayed as a gay in the hotel and the lift.

    Okay okay, don't wanna be a spoiler anymore. Go watch it yourselves!


    There was a buffet. :D (Just nice, was feeling a little hungry.)

    After the screening ended, LEE MIN HO CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    But he kinda shrank in size.

    I felt super scammed LOL. I'm not a huge fan of his but it would be cool if he came. I've always wondered how stars look like in real life. :(

    Anyway, everyone was disappointed but very amused LOL. The hosts were really funny and quick-witted. Plus they look nicer in person!





    Buffet~ I like the tarts. :D


    It's really awesome watching the show and munching on food simultaneously. :D


    The place (level 5 of *SCAPE, The Gallery) is really pretty as well. The walls are all glass and it makes the whole place look posh. :D It's like a potential condominium, except that there are no curtains so you're practically exposed to the whole world.


    The girl is so cute!

    Anyway, Personal taste is a cute show. Son Ye Jin's expressions and reactions are super exaggerated (to me) But I think the female lead like quite poor thing eh (watch and you'll know why) She experiences heaps of emotional setbacks and stuff. :(

    Watching the first 2 episodes of this show kinda made me (=.=) and !! at the same time. Cause I got reminded of my friend who's just like her, plain naive and bullyable. Then she doesn't quite know how to defend herself and lets everyone take advantage of her. :/

    Then when I see such things happening I'll ask her why she doesn't retaliate, but she'll just say "nevermind..." Then I'll be very annoyed. Cause I can't help her if she doesn't mind, right? So I'll just end up feeling sad for her. :(

    Do you guys have such super-nice-and-bullyable friends too?

    Oh well. So anyway, I think this show pretty much reflects on some people in our lives from their own perspectives. (: And it's quite funny. The plot is pretty complicated as there're a lot of drama in the beginning so you gotta pay attention. (:


    With the 2 hosts. (: They're really friendly and polite hee. Wanted to take a picture with the Channel U crew present there but they wanna remain "mysterious" so no photos. They're super nice though, like forever smiling. I like them. (:

    Okay so remember, Personal Taste, also known as 《个人取向》 will be aired on CHANNEL U from 4th September, every Saturday at 9.30pm!

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