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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    13 June 2008

    Sir A: Just answer me, after you guys at ease can shut the hell up not.
    Cadets: Yes sir!
    Sir A: CAN ANOT!
    Cadets: YES SIR!
    Sir B: Yes Sir, yes Sir, 3 bags full~

    I miss Silver Wing. :(

    I must be pretty insane to say that, considering the fact that I actually slept half the lecture away. But the Sirs there are funny. And they kept praising the land cadets. Not that our standard is like WOW, but perhaps ours are better. I'm just being honest here, no offence to any air cadets... Not like any will get to read this anyway.

    It's raining~
    It's pouring~
    And here I am blogging~

    Hey, it actually rhymed! :D

    Oh man, I'm bored. And I wanna watch Kung Fu Panda! Ugh. Kung Fu Paaaaaanda!

    P.S: I'm thinking of a number from 50 to 100. Any guesses? :]

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