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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    28 June 2008

    Daddy: Eh! Your Thai buddy whiter than you eh!
    Me: I know......
    Anyway, some'o the Thais are chinese. :]

    Shall post the first day's bunk pictures! :D

    This camp got BED one leh. And we ate like, 6 meals a day. S-I-X MEALS A DAY. Talk about luxurious? And did I mention that we had to take our height and weight when we reached school? Like, 8 days of such glorious food, I gained like, I don't know. 2kg? Oh god.

    And and and! I think STEP Thailand totally rocked! Except that it clashed with the Youth Day celebration. Which kinda pissed me off. Planning planning, c'on?


    And the worst thing about this is that we were having break from 1.20pm to 2pm, which's the timeslot of the Youth Day thingie. And we ate for like, 10mins. And our buddies and us wanna watch the performance also cannot. Have to stay in the library and exchange gifts. And there's loads of spare time lah. Still cannot go watch. What is this?

    I just wanna watch the beatboxers and hip hoppers? I wanna watch lah! (-.-) Anyone videoed down? (-.-)

    Joshua if you're reading this kindly beatbox again some other day. Really wanna hear.


    Taylin and I! And our buddies! My buddy's the one on the extreme left. :]

    I think I kinda... Boxed my buddy's face... :P And cool. Geraldine's wearing a cap. :D

    Yes yes yes! Buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! She's called Wanisha! [Er... Right? Something liddat.] Rhymes with m'name. :D But we all call her Nan, it's kinda lika nickname. She has a chinese name too, Li Jing Jing.

    h This! Is none other than Popo, the lively and cute girl who's constantly on HYPEEER! mode.
    Group shot!

    Another group shot! :D

    I took like, 202 photos. Some of which are extremely retarded shots of our SC president, which I wouldn't post it up, of course. :P And Mingzhang knows beatbox.

    Yes, I heard him twice.

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