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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    08 February 2008

    Watched CJ7 with Didi [Didi refers to Cousin Terry. Cause I've called him that since.... Since I learnt how to talk. (We stayed at Granny's place since we're babies till... I don't know. P1? Okay, I just realised that I've said this numerous times.) He's like my biological brother. But yeah, I'm the only child. If you get what I mean.] and his Dad yesterday. Was expecting a really good movie. Cause well, it's a Stephen Chow production. [M'Daddy adores Stephen Chow.] And the lil alien [a.k.a CJ7.] is really cute. :D I like cute things. :D

    Okay, I sounded like some gaga person up there.

    Anyway, I think the show isn't exactly... Hmm, how shall I phrase it.. It's kinda, expected and all. No surprise, no nothing.. But yeah, it's a pretty good movie. PLUS the CJ7 is really adorable. :D

    Anyway, yesterday was a typical Chinese New Year day. Went to Granny's place to have breakfast before heading to the temple to pray. And once again, being the sensitive-eyed me, m'eyes turned red and all due to the smoke in the temple. After praying, went to Granny's house. [Maternal side.] Shocked Ahgong cause I yelled "GONG ZI FA CAAAAI!" at the door. :P

    Enough of yesterday.

    Today! Was yet, another typical Chinese New Year day...


    Same thing. Went to Granny's palce to have breakfast. Daddy was having a bad hair day, with random strands of hair sticking out. LOL. Waited for him to finish gelling his hair. And my friends all know that I'm not someone who enjoys waiting. Not like anyone would.. But yeah, I don't like waiting. I'm not impatient. But I don't like waiting.

    I'm sounding lika spoilt kid.

    But nope. I'm not spoilt. But still. Waiting is boring. Boring is no good. Being too bored can lead to Depression. Depression can cause suicides. Suicides are no good. So in conclusion, waiting is no good.

    Let's assume that I make full logical sense. :D

    So yeah. What was I was saying again... Oh yeah. Waiting for daddy to finish gelling his hair. I decided to play with my handphone. Took random pictures.

    One eye big one eye small. O.o

    Then Daddy finished taming him hair. And we took a picture!

    I love Daddy. :D [Realise that I don't take pictures with Mummy... Cause she's more of Mother-like. Not much fun. Daddy's more of a friend. But still, I love my parents. :D]

    Then went to visit Granny's sister. The people there are very nice. :D I like them. :D They happened to be baking biscuits so I sat there with daddy, watching. And daddy was fascinated at how easy it was to bake. Daddy says he's gonna bake after Chinese New Year. :D He is finally convinced that baking won't cause too much of a mess-mess! Which means that chances of me baking at my house would increase!

    Big :D

    Afterwards went to West Mall with Jieru and Didi.

    Wanted to catch a movie but boy was the cinema packed... Should have booked the tickets online like Didi's Dad. :/ But yeah, no idea how to.. So yep! Went to JEC for the sake of... Boredom...

    I'm shorter than Jieru...

    And now I'm taller!

    Judging by the photos, you can tell that we're indeed bored. And poor Didi. He was waiting outside the picture-taking ground [a.k.a the Ladies.] holding our Chocolate Milkshake. Didi is nice. :D

    Then we went to Toys R Us. [_, I think I heard the duck song. ;D]

    I look retarded in that picture... Oh well.


    Spiderman and Pikachu. [Not matching.. But oh well.]

    Daddy wants to go to Sentosa tomorrow. But i don't like crowded places. Neither do I like the mozzies there that will suck my blood. [I will not rant on why everyone is mozze-bite-less and I got 8 bites. But still... NOT FAIR!] And I'm not exactly interested in viewing the flowers there. And I don't think the sun's gonna embrace me with open arms, not like suns have one. But oh well.

    SUPPORT YAKULT! I think it taste nicer than Vitagen. Although Vitagen is cheaper and contains less sugar, Yakult is still nicer!

    Okay, that was real random.

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