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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    04 February 2008

    Tiny Hamburger! :D

    LOL. Random-ness.

    Anyway, had family reunion dinner on Sunday.

    :On car, driving to Granny's house [it's a 5mins drive by the way. Actually we can walk there... But oh well. Lazy. :P]:

    Daddy - Later go upstairs you better remember to greet all the uncle and auntie kay.
    Me - I always greet them what...
    Daddy - Okay okay. Cause got eat steamboat.
    Me - O.O?
    Daddy - Family reunion dinner.
    Me - O.O

    I wasn't even informed by Daddy... Last minute then know.. Oh well.

    I feel Singlish all of a sudden. I shall type singlish-ly.

    You know hor, today right, it's super the what loh! Cause right! There's this caligraphy thingie mah, so like hor, the ever-so-careless me spilled the ink leh. And yah lah, you guessed it liao loh. Landed on my uniform.

    I'm over-doing it. LOL.

    Don't feel Singlish anymore. Let's resume to normal mode. :D

    So like, yeah. I WORE AN APRON. The D & T one to be exact. Then like, m'apron isn;t the least dirtied while m'uniform got 1 patch of ink and another sprinkle of ink on my shoulders... So much for wearing an apron... I should have worn a raincoat or something.

    No fun... The other time I spilled ink on m'uniform, there's this footprint-like shape. LOL. I was like, eh!-so-cool-LOL. kinda thing.

    I feel like listing down the list of things that I've spilled on m'shirt/uniform/whatever-I'm wearing.. But I really shouldn't bore my dear readers. So yep.

    Today's PE's BAAAD! Cause like, I ate a plate of ji1 ding1 mian4, which simply means chicken noodles, during recess. And straight after recess, we had Home Econs. So I drank 2 cups of tea [super thirsty.] and ate 1 chicken burger. Furthermore, while making the chicken patty, Jieru and I didn;t watch our hygiene and placed the cucumber beside the unwashed skin of the onion. [Like who will go wash the onion skin when that someone is not gonna eat it...] So like, yeah. Mrs Chew said that she's angry at us. O.O Sorry Mrs Chew. >.<

    Then like, yeah. During PE, out of soooooo many things to do. We just HAVE to run 2.4km.

    Applause people, applause.

    Thank you.

    I mean, we people [1A, AB and 1C 2A, 2B and 2C], or at least just me and a couple of friends, thought that we'll be having some sorta mass soccer/basketball... I don't know. Then like, I'm so full already. Plus I'm having this tummyache which I call the Cucumber. It's not the cucumber's fault anyway. It's due to the eat-so-full-still-run. But oh well, still called it Cucumber. Then I was like, running running running then, "I got Cucumber..." And press my tummy cause it's hurting like Ouch.

    Oh, Cucumber-ness.

    Took height and weight after the 2.4km run... Doubt the run will burn off so many fats that I've just taken. I'm so fat. -.- LOL. Anyway, I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I DIDN'T GROW ANY TALLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!

    Aww man... The first time I visited the machine that takes our height and weight, I'm 157cm. And now I'm STILL 157cm. -.- And the machine indicates that I'm 50.5kg. FAT! FAT! FAAAT! -.-

    Oh well. Not like I mind a lot. :D

    Anyway, can all those who've read this post leave a tag? It's rather impossible, but still. :]

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