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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    28 February 2008

    Me to birthday happy!

    Me to birthday happy!

    Me to birthday happy-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

    Me to birthday happy!


    I'm feeling unwell now. Having a headache which made me feel like puking. But I'll still blog cause I'm bored. I'm not gonna study for History test tomorrow. Can't seem to concentrate at all. It's always like this. Then I'll end up studying a lil. Stupid me. -.-

    Anyway, Trainfire was nice. :D Except that the rifle was totally oily and the smell of it is making my head spin. Not literally, of course. The Sir was nice as well. :D

    Anyway, this post is dedicated to my 14th birthday. So I would recommend you to stop reading now if you're not interested.

    So yep! Birthday! Me! 14! :D

    Thank you all who wished me a happy birthday through ways and means of your own! Love you all! :D Anyway, here're the presents! :D

    #1. Lollipop + Letter.
    Given by: Taylin!

    To my dearest Taytay: You don't know how much I love you! And the letter was indeed written in a cute way. :D And your letters are super unique can! Nobody have ever written in that way. And I guess all your friends agree! Ha! And the lollipop can turn into a snail! LOL. Love recess-ing with you! Thanks for everything! :D

    #2. Innocent Thing.

    Given by: Liqi!

    To my wonderful platoon mate: Doubt you'll ever read this.. But thaaaaaaaaanks a zillion! :D

    #3. Edible thingie. [Shared with Bravos.]

    Given by: Liqi! [Her Dad made it.]

    To my wonderful platoon mate: Thaaaaaaanks agaaaaaaaain! :D

    #4. Minnie Mouse notebook + Letter.

    Given by: Gladys!

    To heart rock: Thank you thank you thank you! And the letter was neat! :D I shall go to your blog later on and flood you with thank yous! :D

    #5. Chocolates.

    Given by: Benjamin

    To the fellow Bravo: Thanks! :D [I'm thanking people every now and then.. LOL.] And the brand sounds funny. LOL. :D Anyway, good luck for March camp! [Random~]

    #6. HAHA!

    Given by: Samuel!

    To the chairperson and future CSM: No, I'm not gonna post it! The portrait was horrible you evil thing! But yeah, you spent time I guess. And thanks. :D

    #7. Puppet + Card.

    Given by: Bravo girls 2008!

    To the fantabulous Lance Coporals: I LOVE YOU GIRLS! :D

    #8. Handphone Pouch + Lollipop necklace + Card.

    Given by: 2B Pencil 2008!

    To all the pencils [LOL.]: THAAAAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOOOOU for the lollipoppy gifts! :D Oh, AND AND AND! Happy birthday Wenting, Huixian and Junwei, the birthday babies [LOL.] of 1st and 2nd March! :D

    id=BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5172001049294877442 style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" border="0" src="http://bp0.blogger.com/_F4cYBWpmGEA/R8ajjUkrMwI/AAAAAAAABys/3nHooH_kpaQ/s320/Picture+018.jpg" alt=""

    #9. Claydoll-like claydoll. [I'm not makin' sense...]

    Given by: Xiaobo!

    To the fellow Bravo: Although I don't know you well, but still, thanks! :D

    #10. Tube of gell + Random Things.

    Given by: Yaozhong!

    To the guy who sits diagonally in front of me: THANKS! And I was laughing like mad when you gave me the present cause you was like, "The words will rot one." LOL! Then my name's gonna rot? Anyway, cheer up about Maths. Sorry if I just reminded you of it... Hee. :P

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