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I dream of becoming a magician, a chef, a chocolatier, a fashion designer, a movie director, a DJ, a professional photographer and a stock market guru. I also want my very own candy outlet. (: My blog comprises photographs and random thoughts. I like to keep my blog happy and I'm easily inspired. It's nice knowing that people are reading, so thank you. :D

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    02 February 2008

    Had been shopping around for clothes and such these few days.

    Oh, the wastage of money.

    And now I wonder what happened to the trends nowadays. It's like, people are buying those super duper baggy clothes that make you look like some pregnant woman. I call these clothes, The Pufferfish Clothes. There're also other seriously weird clothes that doesn't look nice in my opinion, but is highly costly and... Yeah. Costly.


    Guess I don't know how to appreciate fashion trends...

    And the low-cuts are gradually being replaced by the high-cuts. [Er.. I think...]

    And like, yeah. Fashion is a weird thing. In time to come, RV-ians will be wearing super high socks or something. Cause well, as you guys know, RV has been rather kind and have decided to follow the trend a lil. Guess they've finally figured out that we wouldn't listen to them much and might as well bend the rules a bit. So yeah. Now the new socks are like, sort of ankle-ish.

    In time to come, a minority would wanna be unique and wear something different. They'll start... I don't know. Maybe they'll wear:

    #1. Super high socks
    #2. 1 high 1 low
    #3. Inside out
    #4. Keep stretching the sock till it's super loose
    #5. Make a hole-ey sock.

    There's loads of possibilities.

    And soon, who knows? The girls might prefer super long skirts. Then teachers will be going round the school, saying, "Hey you girl, i give you till Monday to shorten your skirt you hear me?"

    The guys might prefer high pants. Like WHOOSH! kinda high. Which is a good thing. Cause we girls won't be seeing guys holding their pants whenever they run. Seeing their underwear when they bend down. And other guys going all, "Hey, let's see what colour it is today!" and flip up the guy's shirt. Revealing The Colour Of The Day. And hey guys, don't do that. Cause number 1, it's rather obscene. And number 2, it's rather sick. Number 3, it's eww kinda thing. So basically it sums up to disgusting-ness. So yeah. :/


    And since we don't have to tuck in our PE tee-shirt now, maybe we'll grow to think that tucking in is super cool. And we'll all start to tuck in. [Not eat kinda tuck in. Like, yeah. Shirt. LOL.]

    And maybe those specs with thick frames will be outdated! Which is a good thing. Cause well, I personally feel that those specs aren't nice at all. Like, they make you look.... Weird. Plus they make your eyes look smaller. So if you happen to have a relatively smaller eye as compared to the rest of the population, and you choose to wear thick framed specs.... Yeah. Well, that's my personal point of view, of course.

    Maybe people will start wearing shades to school.

    Hmm, lemme think.. What else is in fashion now... Oh yes, sling bags. I don't really like sling bags, somehow. I mean, I'm okay with them. They look okay and all, but I just prefer the normal bags to them for I-don't-know-what reasons. By normal bag, I mean those, 2 straps kinds. If you get what I mean. But I'm currently having this weird habit to sling my normal bag. Like, there're 2 straps right. I sling 1 strap and leave the other hanging there. Making it look somewhat lika sling bag. And I like normal bags. But I'm carrying a somewhat sling bag kinda normal bag.

    Weird, contradicting habit.

    Maybe people might start wearing caps to school. And maybe scarfs. And maybe they'll wear their watches on their legs. Maybe they'll carry their bags in front. I used to carry my bag in front anyway. Cause it makes it easier for me to take out things frommy bag. [Like, when people ask me what homework there is, I'll go all, "Er... Wait ah..." and fish out a lil homework book. Or when I wanna take out my water bottle etc.]

    I think my posts're getting boring...

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